Lemon HeD strives to help ANY creator/artist create custom merch, for NO COST. We work with local talent on a global scale to create affordable High Quality apparel. Support your local creators. We'll make it easy for you!


The Lemon HeD Story.

It is no longer hard for small creators to create and sell merch for their brand.



We as a team spent countless hours planning, designing, and testing various strategies to bring our products to the public.

Man we worked hard.

Day in.

Day out.


Chasing our dreams. Trying just to figure it all out.

“What works? What doesn’t?”


We began selling our first products we spent the last year creating.

But the bitter truth is,


business was slow,


and we were struggling financially, having poured thousands of dollars into merchandise and equipment.


As a team we realized this and told ourselves,


“we have to pivot.”


Creating a profitable merchandise business was not NEARLY as simple as we had originally thought.


Time and money needed to be spent in places we didn’t know.


We had to work with countless supply companies and tailors. Needed to spend time researching marketing techniques to grow our brand.


We simply couldn’t settle for less when it came to our success, and the quality of our goods. 




we struggled to find companies and individuals who shared that passion and vision.


This is how Lemon HeD came to be the company it is today.


We realized that above all the time and money being spent,


the most important thing was staying true to our vision.



We curated a process of simplifying the custom merchandise process for creators.


What better than to help other self branded individuals create their own custom merchandise at no cost?


Not only that but help them stay true to their vision.


So, we stuck to 3 key things that, throughout our experience, we believed to be the most important:


1) Understanding what you want to do.

2) Taking the creators perspective.

3) Bringing YOUR vision to life.


Lemon HeD now seeks creators with an ambitious vision for their brand.


Creators who seek exposure through simplified custom marketing.


We understand how hard it is to build from the ground up, and we wanted to make that process as easy as possible for small creators.


To this day, we offer high quality service and communication, all centered around THE CREATORS VISION.








We don’t stop until your dreams become reality.


So what do you say?

Shall we get started?😏🤝