Royale Michael.

Ypsilanti, Michigan native rapper Royale Michael believes his musical art must tell a story. He began writing poetry in middle school and later continued in high school. It wasn't until after high school that he realized the level of difficulty he had with expressing himself, so he started writing again as a tool to better navigate life. He has bounced around from city to city, growing up in places like Detroit, Michigan, and Huntley. In 2016 he made his debut mixtape around fall, and really enjoyed the music making process. He began working on his debut album in 2017, and soon realized that with hard work he would cultivate positive creative output. He later released his debut album titled "Reign of Royale". His second album "The Prologue" was released in July of 2019. His third album "Second Chapter" was released on New Years 2020. Royale believes that the secret to confidence and longevity is staying true to yourself. He has been featured in Voyage Phoenix Magazine and has also been a performer at the 2019 Arizona Hip Hop Festival.